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    how to film fake snow scene

    how do u film a snow scene when u live in so cal?

    after effects?

    cotton on the ground?

    sandbox and then color correct?

    tons of ice bags???


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    I live in a tropical country, so I've never dreamt of doing that... but I'd be interested to know too!
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    The trick used by big productions is (so I have been told) Grated Cheese. It probably costs quite a bit more than just flying to somewhere that has snow though. You could shoot locked down and just pull some snow from somewhere else; you could generate it with an animation/compositing package, you could just shoot somewhere else
    You could only show snow in your establishing shots of an outdoor area and shoot the rest inside (with something over the windows to make it seem snowy, maybe a mild blue gel at an angle) so you only have to do a few shots.
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    heres the situation

    man in show

    walkin through it bleeding

    gets shot

    theres dialogue


    the main thing is

    there will be some action and people in the scene

    will after effects be able to put the snow in for that?

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    I don't know about after effects, but you *could* do it with compositing software and something like sand, but it will be hard to do, especially with the way the blood touches then colors the snow. I still say your best bet is to go find some snow and shoot this there, then if needed, composite in a background. (better yet, just shoot this on a open-fielded hill during some lower fog so you don't have a noticeable background)
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    i use a mix of crushed ice, dismembered cotton swabs, grated cheese, and post production. depends on the shoot and the budget.
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    Also remember, you only need to cover the top (maybe 1cm deep) of where the snow would be and anywhere someone walks in it in the expensive stuff that looks like snow. Anything else can be something cheap (styrofoam, empty boxes, etc.)
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    Rip open a couple bean bags. All the polystyrene balls might do the trick with some crushed ice for the blood to get the required effect.
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    I do see one main issue with this all. Ice will melt. Anything else will most likely reflect too much [unless you shoot at night with full light control or you luck out and get a *very* overcast day]. PS: ND filters and/or polarizers are your friends
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