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    what effects software

    ive heard raves about combustion over after effects

    i have sony vegas 7

    so... whats the way to go?

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    Take a careful look at almost every professional movie and doc that is produced (maybe except music vids) and you will see there are virtually no FX whatsoever.
    If you really have to add fancy transitions then take a look at ProDad which interfaces nicely with Vegas as do Spice Filters but don't overdo effects on any video ..they are usually used by amateurs to cover up shoddy video footage so if your footage is good and well shot to start with you will find that the built-in Vegas FX are normally all you need. I do Realty Clips on a daily basis and might have used one or two transitions in the last 100 videos at the most.


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    im looking for certain things like... motion graphics

    i think ill go for combustion for filtering, coloring, and compostiting


    i need some motion graphics and such

    i plan on doing an action movie

    i mean

    i have another post on this but id like a snow scene but im in cali


    what can do certain things like:

    muzzle flash

    small fire, explosions *if possible from a fx program*



    head chopped off

    will combustion do things?

    or should I add after effects with it?

    or will I need something like shake?

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    Hi Rackdude

    For actions resources look at the link below..2nd CD

    There are explosions, smoke, action SFX and muzzle flashes


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    After effects is a GREAT program. It does have it's flaws like most. But all in all it is a very useful and user oriented program. If you are starting out i would advise you use this before spending BIG money and introduce your self to a 3D environment.
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