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    Video Lighting Kit

    I hate posting "What should I buy" questions but here I am.

    I'm going to work on a video project with a couple of friends. We are goiung to set up a small simple studio with a blue screen or green screen. We also want to be able to film interviews and such in other places like people's offices.

    We need a small versatile lighting kit that's not too expensive (around the $US1000 range). We know a little bit about lights but only the basics. I have been looking at the Lowel DV Creator 1 Kit ( and I think it's the sort of thing we need. Perhaps we could add another cheap light or two to the kit for the blue screen.

    Can anyone help a video noob with some advice or reassurance?

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    Sorry I just found another thread talking about this ( It sort of answers my question but I'd still like to know if the Lowel DV Creator 1 Kit is a good choice or if there is something better.

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    The totas and omnis are nice little lights. We currently have two omnis and a tota on our set and about two portable kits worth of omnis. For a starter light kit for location shooting of planned scenes, I would tend to suggest an omni-only kit [tota is the bar light, omni is a mini spot/fill] with scrims, barndoors, and diffusion gels ready to go into the gel holders.
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