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    best hdv tape???

    what tape is the best tape for a hdv camera?

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    this is a matter of self opinion, so i will give you mine.

    First off. what camera do you have?

    I have found that Mini DV tapes hold the info the same wether it is HD or SD footage.
    step one, dont pay extra because the tape says HDV on it.
    step two, if you are going to record on the tape once and then store it, you can use a cheaper tape then if you plan on recording over and over on it.

    All that being said....I use Sony DVC Premium tapes...(i only have the tape for back up because i record directly to a Hard drive mounted to the camera.

    If you plan on recording on the tape over and over, i would pick one off this page that will fit your needs best.
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    For SD usage, I'm on something that Kaw uses (different packaging where I am though), getting them in bulk is cheap, abt USD2.20 (roughly converting). Also had a couple of tapes from other brands snap on me too often, and those are way over-priced.

    HD/HDV, the Sony DVM-63/85HD.

    My personal take for tapes: I'm sticking with Sony

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    The major issue with tapes isn't what to use, but what not to use.
    1) try to stay away from 'extended length' and 'low grade' tapes as they use a thinner base and will not fly right through the heads.
    2) Choose a tape type and stick with it. All the brands lubricate their tapes differently and changing which type you use in your camera regularly can destroy the heads and possibly the rollers.
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