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    Re-enacting While Keeping Original Clips from Film

    I'm new to this video making process. This will be my first time making a vid.

    I'm doing a video project for school, and I'm to be the only actor in the vid. I want to use a scene from a film, where I can replace an actor, while keeping the original clips of the other actor. I'm thinking of re-enacting a scene from The Sixth Sense:
    I want to keep Bruce Willis in but take Haley out.

    Example of what I'm talking about

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    Green screen + matching the motions exactly --or-- use a scene with static shots and do a bit of composite matte generating so that that portion of the screen has a steady background generated from other clips of the scene.
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    Movie Maker (Trimming)

    Too technical and complex. I want to keep this simple. I just want to do straight cuts...I think I found a way how: On Movie Maker --- it's called trimming. I haven't tried it yet, but it seems pretty simple. Here's a vid that explains it. Now I have to rip my DVD...but won't the timeline be way to long? Is there a way I can split the clips up?

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    Hi there. Just some additions to what has been shared. For straight cuts to be applied to the specific scene you want to enact, there'll be some parts requiring a compromise from you (around the 1.30 min) where Bruce Willis is seen in a two-shot with Joel (the boy actor). And there is NO way Movie Maker can split your video in order to allow Bruce to be removed and the boy remaining. Some other programs can do that' but with severe 'injury' if lightings are not managed well.

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    Yeah, I noticed that...But it's just a small project for school. I don't have to get too technical. Thanks. I think I understand how to use Movie Maker, now
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    I see. Well have all the fun, and get a decent grade!
    There's no bad camera, just a bad user
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