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    Graphics Card

    I have another question. We have a PC running Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 with dual monitors, 2GB RAM, a Radeon 9200 graphics card and a dual-core P4 2.8GHz Pentium. The graphics card isn't coping and one of the monitors keeps turning off. I think we need a new one.

    Problem is I don't know much about graphics cards, especially if there is anything we need to look out for with video editing. Do you need a special type of card? What would be a good one? We can spend a few hundred bucks on this. Thanks.

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    I would run some diagnostics before giving up and saying its the gfx card.

    1) Try different monitors if you can
    2) try running Memtest86+ [it boots off a floppy or a rescue CD like the ultimatebootcd ], test all of your system RAM. System RAM being bad tends to have video side effects.
    3) Clean out the dust from the case by using an antistatic can of air
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    Thanks, I will try your suggestions and see what happens.


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