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    Beslan school slaughter

    After seeing some of the images the have come out of this horrific incident, I can't help thinking that the world media has contributed to this type of terrorist action. I believe that the terrorists perform these acts knowing that the shocking images will be plastered all over the net, television broadcasts and newspapers of the world. This gives impact to the actions. It was the same with the Nicholas Berg murder. They seem to see it as an "advertisment" for their cause, and how ruthless they can be. If the media organisations all refused to publish these images, it would reduce the impact of the acts, and possibly discourage the terrorists from picking on school kids (a decision I'm sure that was made to increase shock levels).
    It's similar to stolen goods.....if we stop buying stolen goods, the thieves will stop stealing them, since they have no-one to sell them to. If we stop reproducing the images, then the need to find ever increasingly shocking acts to put on the world media stage would be reduced.
    Bottom line however, is that WE WATCH the images. We need to tell the TV stations, newspapers etc. that we DO NOT want to see them. If the ratings plummet when the images are on TV, they will stop showing them.

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    You're probably right but it's not likely to change.

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    Terrorists are playing the western world like a fiddle. We are being drawn into wars which suit the terrorists, the western media is acting as publicity agents for the terrorists, elections are being influenced and the terrorists are winning.

    I think the western world needs to stop asking who to blame and who to kill, and start asking what we need to do to take the wind out of the terrorist's sails. Trying to wage war with them only has the opposite effect - it's providing a publicity and recruitment platform for them.

    I'm not saying we should negotiate. I'm saying we should stop doing the things that reinforce their arguments about why the USA is bad. If we stop interfering with other countries the terrorists will stop getting sympathy and find it hard to get recruits. But as long as there are young men in the world who watched their families killed by a stray US bomb then there will be young men willing to attack our country. If we mind our own business then we aren't making any new enemies.

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    Quote: AdamAnt
    You're probably right but it's not likely to change.
    You're right's not going to change. It just gets me when kids are involved. Any kids....either 'side'.


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