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    Taking background music out of a film

    Is there a way to take the background music out of a film, but still keep the dialogue?
    I wanted to add my own background music to clips from a film/my own clips. Oh by the way, I'm using Movie Maker to do this.

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    add the clip in

    mute the sound on it

    add your own sound over it

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    short answer......NOPE

    you cant separate VO and music and SFX.....they will all be on the same track.
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    u cant mute the video sound in windows movie maker and add a "narroration" on top of it??? i could almost swear u could

  5. #5 want to take all the audio out of the video? not just a peice? If you mute it all and start the audio from scratch.....sure you can
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    id say

    mute it

    and juz redo the background music

    if u really need to

    find tabs online or tab it out, n u can use juz about ne good sequencing program to get a fine sound

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    I think there is no technical issue for your problem but the least you can do is to have your audio through a good equaliser and try to remove the frequency of the music used but again you will end up with a poor audio quality of the dialogues


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