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    Lots of special effects help

    I am currently planning to film a production with my friends. But before filming, I need to know several things.

    I want this production to include lots of special effects such as blowing up cars and breath-taking fighting scenes. I've had experience with Adobe After-effects and Particle Illusion before but they just don't seem to be enough for what I want to do.

    I was wondering, if I want to make cars flying everywhere cuz things just go blown up, what programs would be good for it. Would Maya be a good choice? Also, how would I film this scene. Does the actual car need to be there or is everything CG?

    Furthermore, I was wondering how to make a person jump extremely high in the air (realistic one). How would I film it and what programs would I need to edit it?

    Thanks for your help!

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    Hi Peter
    I suggest that you start with a pretty big green screen and film plenty of your action on that. With keyable backgrounds you can then easily overlay onto other scenes to get the effects you need. As a clip shot on a chroma background is virtually "transparent" you can use your NLE to resize and move it wherever you want to again standard background clips.

    If you are using vehicles then you will need a HUGE green screen...most producers rent a factory or warehouse and then paint the walls and floor green...but something like that will cost you big money. Think also about using a standard vehicle and then a diecast model the same colour filmed on a chromascreen for the special effects....a lot cheaper and easier!!!


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    what do you mean by a diecast model?

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    chris has a point. If you can do it on a green screen and can do it many times
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    Hi Peter
    Go to any "hobbies" store and you will find model cars that are exact replicas of real ones. They are usually made of a metal alloy and are cast is in a mould hence they are known as "die cast"
    They are more costly than "toy" cars but the detail is more accurate and a lot cheaper to toss into the air than a new full size BMW Z3 !!!!

    Studios with a budget of $50 million can afford to wreck mere mortals have to look at cheaper ways...a friend of mine made an air disaster movie and set fire to a plastic model 747 on a blue screen. For the actual wreckage they spend the entire weekend "building" the wrecked plane in the "jungle" by using LOTS of cardboard boxes from the supermarket, masking tape and silver paint and it looked real too!!!!!

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    I don't have a blue or green screen. Is there an efficient way to build one. Like what type of paint do I use?

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    If you are going to paint a room then get the brightest lime green paint you can find. The ideal colour is RGB 0, 255,0 in your Graphics software. Green is actually easier to key than blue using digital.

    I use a roll of bright green plastic table cloth from any party shop...over here it comes 2m wide and in 30M rolls for $20 and it works well.

    The screen or green area MUST be lit correctly if indoors so pay attention to that. The safest way is to make your screen (just a small one) or paint a piece of wall with your chosen colour and then shoot a bit of footage with someone in front of it and then make sure your editor keys out the colour cleanly!! If you want to make portable screens then just "Google" for DIY Green Screen. Make sure to do a test on a small portion before painting an entire factory!!!!!


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    please is there a step by step procedure on how to create particle illusion on premiere pro and is it possible there cause am a newbie
    help will be much appreciated

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    You can't do effects like the one you describe in Premiere Pro. After Effects is the program you are after, usually. Please try to resist bringing up very old topics.



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