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    Transpancy on photo

    Hi, I need some help.

    I have some photos taken in jpeg that I liked to have the background removed (transparent). I used the magic wand to discard what I do not want but I'm still left with a white background.

    What should I do? Have it got to do with the original jpeg format of the photos? I'd like to used the photos on a school newsletter.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    you can not save it as a Jpeg. try any of the following files .tga .gif .psd
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    Sorry but original photos are all in jpeg format. I edited on them and save as psd but i still can't get a transparent background. I have a white and not checkered background.

    Please help

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    ok you have to make a new file. and bring it over to the new file. then want the BG and save as one of the following. Post a copy of the pic on here and i will show you what i mean step by step
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    Hi, I got it done, I can seen the checkered BG on photoshop with your directions but when I place on my pagemaker doc, I'm still having the white BG. The gif photo looks ok when I view it on window picture viewer.

    Is there something with PM 7.0?

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    Got things sorted out. Changed my image into eps and it worked! Its dotted in b&w on pm but revert backs to original image after coverting into pdf.


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