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    comments on portfolio please

    you are welcome to leave comments here as well:

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    first impression: make the whole image clickable.
    Use ALT text, or just plain text.

    Keep the site in the same area of my screen. Choose one: Centered or left aligned.
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    Since this is the GRAPHICS forum I am limited to say, " yeah you show really good stuff on your portfolio, as far as I have seen, but I can't say there are good-balanced colours and lightning at high resolutions on those pictures. ". As for web design matters my comments could be way different, but anyway you are and architect and perhaps this much of web-work would hopefuly ease or solve your presentation problems.

    Particularly I liked your 3D drawing at the very entrance because of its layout, the composition and perfect lightning.

    best regards
    - kunter ilalan web designer
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