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    Separating background music from audio

    Hi, my name is Risu and I'm new to this forum. I'm rather inexperienced in audio and video production. I'm about to be a freshman in college majoring in TV/Radio communications, so I thought I might find the topics on these forums interesting.

    There is something audio related that I've been wishing I could do for a while now, and I was wondering if anyone here could help me. I have these episodes of a cartoon in video format (they play in windows media player and divX so I assume they are avi files, though I'm not entirely sure). I really like the background music in the cartoon, and I have been all over the internet trying to find ways to extract the background music without picking up the rest of the audio (like dialog and sound effects and so-on).

    Does anyone know how to separate or extract the background music from audio that is in a video without picking up any of the other sound? Is there a program I can use to do this? I already have a program that extracts all of the audio from a video, but it doesn't separate any of the different parts of audio like I want it to.

    I have both a mac and windows, so if there are programs I can download to do this that require either one of those, it's no problem for me.

    Thank you so much to anyone who takes the time to read this and helps me with my dilemma.


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    you can try advanced eqing and certain acapella creation tools that they use at, but, without the instrumental, its impossible to take it all out. You might be able to come close if you spend a month doing it, but technically its impossible to just take part of a sound out of a wave

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    If the sound is stereo and the music is not the same on each channel but the non-music is, you could, using a digital edit system like audition, copy one of the channels, paste it in over the other and invert it, then merge the entire file. This may work, it may not, depends on the source, you may need to do some level tweaking at intermediate steps, you may need to repeat the process in a similar manner if your music is the same on both tracks but everything else isn't. Or, you might just be SOL and it may be easier to just find a version of the piece with just the music (either find out who wrote it and get a copy of the original or some shows occasionally have a special opening or segment where they will play their music without other audio interruptions)
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    You cannot seperate the background music from the other sounds completely, unless you have the multi-track audio. However, you can play with it by delaying either the right channel or left channel from the other a fraction of a second.

    Basically, you're playing with the phasing of stereo audio when you do that. If you get one channel out of phase with the other you tend to lose any audio that is common to the two channels (like dialogue normally). I managed to do that accidentally a while back when I was editing a music clip. This is basically what karaoke machines are doing when they advertise that they can remove vocals from your regular CDs. It won't get you the exact results you're aiming for, but sometimes it's close enough. Many different audio software will let you import audio and edit/manipulate the left and right channels independant of each other.


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