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    Actually, with my background in metal fabrication... I heated up the busted end and then put the cap on several times, and finally left the cap one for a day (it was a five day show) and it was very close to round again. you don't just buy and replace W4's that's a couple of days worth of soldering and a lot of headaches....
    The real pain was that you had to stand on a ladder and reach to get the cable and the receptacle to mate.... probably why it was busted, I almsot dropped it twice trying to get it lined up.....

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    Thanks to all for responses. The cable is a six foot mic cable purchased from Musician's Friend and marketed as a Neutrik product. I learned Neutrik does not have patent so the design is used throughout the world (mainly China). As a result, there are some poorly manufactured cables coming out of production, and like one of you identified, the metal barrel (housing) is likely out-of-round. It is still stuck albeit I learned you can pull the insert (and all wiring) out by unscrewing the rubber boot. I've decided to leave in the unit until it creates a singal problem. At that time the case must be opened, cable housing removed and a new receptacle installed (about $75 + s&h). Kinda expensive for $6.99 cable. I thought i purchased a bargain. Readers be advised and alert to counterfeit (or poorly crafted connectors) they can be costly to repair. Go with reputable brand names. You get what you pay for.

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    if it is so poorly crafted, you may be able to split the shell or re-round it with vice grips....
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