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    Your biggest goofs

    So, you're making this awesome video, and you've got all these visions in your head of how it will turn out, how the final product will just completely blow everyone's minds and they'll lie gasping at your feet crying "HOW DID YOU DO THAT, ALMIGHTY ONE??!!" (Ok, a bit melodramatic there, but the you get the point :P)

    And then you finish the thing and watch it back. You groan and hit your head repeatedly on your desk, the wall, anything in reach.

    Your directional mic's shadow is very distractingly bobbing in the bottom of that key scene.

    I'm sure most of you are beyond that exceptional overlook in your framing, but hey, I'm a youngling, I goof up every three seconds. Shadows are something I seem to always miss (gah!), but hopefully not anymore since I shall make a very, very conscious effort not to. But we all have our signature goofs when we're working on our projects, what's yours?

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    I wouldn't know where to start, I think I've done them all.

    Just recently I was using a new camera and thought I had the viewfinder set up correctly. Only afterwards I discovered that I wasn't looking at the safe area, and when I saw the picture on an LCD screen (or underscan mode) the camera-mounted fluffy mic cover was visible in the top right of the frame. Gutted and very embarrassed, especially being a "senior" operator making a newbie mistake

    I think my best ever gaffe was many years ago when I was working as a videotape operator in a live OB setting. Camera operators were constantly coming in with iso-recorded material such as interviews. They were supposed to tell us if their interviews weren't take 1 - otherwise we assumed the first take was the one to use. None of it was shot-logged. It was a pretty hairy system but it usually worked, and time was very tight indeed - we seldom had time to actually view the footage before rolling it in. We would be lucky to get the first/last words.

    Anyway, I rolled in this interview live on air and it was going fine until about a minute in. The presenter made a mistake, stopped, looked straight down the camera barrel and said "Oh s### I f#### that up. Let's do it again."

    According to the rules of the channel it wasn't technically my fault, but I can tell you who everyone was looking at
    Dave Owen


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