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    Adding Your Clips to Film Clips

    If my home filmed clips are different files than the movie clips, will it not work? I'd like to make one continuous scene.

    Do I have to convert the files so that they are the same?

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    you should be able your clips in with any editing program, just you'll have to take some time compositing to make it look like its all the same

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    I'm using Movie Maker. I already have the actual film clips that I want (edited). After I'm finished filming my clips with my cam, I'll add them to Movie Maker. So it should work out fine...without having to convert any files?

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    if the files are a file type that can go into movie maker, ya, it should work fine

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    Pretty sure moviemaker only accepts .avi & .wmv video clips.
    If your videos are something else like .mpeg then you will have to use another editing software.
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    This is my camcorder:

    If its files won't work on Movie Maker, then I guess I'll have to download the software that comes with it (Picture Motion Browser). But the clips from the film (The Sixth Sense) are saved in Movie Maker.

    If I can't get "my clips" onto Movie Maker (I'll still have to try it), is there a way for me to transfer the "film clips" from Movie Maker to Picture Motion Browser?


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    Hi dakota, I see you're done with shooting the Sixth Sense school project.

    Oh... it's a DVDcam... nightmare... did you record with your memory stick or the DVD itself? I think things might be a little 'sticky' if you've recorded it on the DVD...

    As with your question regarding 'porting' video files over to Picture Motion Browser, it is the same as westie's comment.. it depends on whether PMB allows .wmv or avi (but it's still somehow linked with .wmv) files. If it only accepts mpeg, you might have to go online to find a video converter...
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    I've completed my project, and earned full marks for it.
    Thanks for the help


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