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    1. what is audio visual production? what are the things that i need to know (the scope)? i need to do an assingnment on it but i can't find the right resources.

    2. I also need sources on sound system: mono, stereo, quad, and surround system. tutorials about it would be good!

    if any of u know anything bout it....PLZ e-mail me at ASAP


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    "Audio visual (AV)" could be defined as "Material that uses a combination of sight and sound to present information". Basically it means using both visual images and sound together.

    "Audio visual production" simply means the process of producing AV material.

    In the past it usually meant slide shows with a soundtrack. People who presented AV shows were in charge of syncronising the sound with the pictures.

    These days just about anything can be considered AV, since computers have made it possible to easily use sight and sound together. Everything from video production to website design can be called audio-visual.

    I'll try and answer your second question in another message when I get time.
    Dave Owen


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