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    How do I make A Video Like this?

    I want to make a video of my dog with just photos and words about him and also music in the background but I dont know where to start.

    Here is a video on youtube to show you what I want to do.

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    windows movie maker for free

    or go sony vegas for better

    or bla bla bla this becomes a huge debate on what to use

    but really

    u can do that with windows

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    rack dude is right. Get a music bed, get a bunch of pics of your puppah, come up with some words to say about him/her.

    Open windows movie maker, or Apple i movie (what ever is free on your computer) and mess around......that is a fairly simple project, and if you are new to making films/movies. a good place to start
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    another option .. u can slideshow ur pictures using windows picture viewer and play he music u want and then capyure ur desktop using any capture screen software ...

    or MO\ovie mkere just like they said


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