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    sony beta cam sp model no-pvw 2800p

    hi . i am looking for the user manual of sony beta cam sp model no. PVW 2800P. CAN ANY ONE PROVIDE THIS MANUAL. I WILL BE OBLIGED THEN.

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    Here you go.

    I have this same deck....once it needs work the first time you may be better off selling it and buying a simple play record deck......either way.
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    If you need the maintenance menu, send me a PM, I'm pretty sure it's the same place on the PVW series as the BVW series (I don't think Sony wants it publicly posted, so I'm not doing so).
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    New to this site!

    I have a Sony PVW 2800P but no manual.
    When i start her up I get 2 issues:

    1 - the Stop button flashes green and I cannot stop it. I am loathe to try the machine out without knowing if this is the sign of an error.

    2 - the hours clock is dead,is it true that the internal battery has a habit of giving up the ghost?

    Any advice very much appreciated.


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    Flashes green when the deck is in what state?

    Edit: nevermind, SC358 answered this quite well in another thread.
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