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    Can anyone define the term "deliverables" when used in the context of post production, googleing has not so far produced a concise result. If anyone can answer, could I suggest it's added to the Glossary.

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    That's a good idea. How is this for starters?

    Glossary: Deliverables

    It's not really my area of expertise so any comments from filmmakers are welcome.
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    It is a general term...

    Literally, it's the product(can be plans, film reels/video tapes/DVD/CD usually measuable and tangible) at the end of a project to account for the objectives/contract details being fulfilled.

    So when we put it to film terms... the whole production process is the project, the product? A lot of things...

    Feel free to add or modify as I'm not exactly an authority in film nor English language, but the general idea's it.
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    Deliverable are linked to milestone,
    a time during (an event) that a product is given to the producers( or project sponsor), this product was agreed to during the statement of works to be under taken, at the beginning of the project.
    this is from a project management point of view
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