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Thread: Dj Mixer help

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    Dj Mixer help

    I'm looking to find a mixer that can cut out the beat and just play the vocals.

    is there a mixer that can do that?

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    What do you mean by mixer? Do you mean a live mixer? I don't think that any do, but you could do this as a process on some songs by inverting one channel (left or right), merging the two channels by averaging, then merging the two of the original and subtracting the first merger.
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    there is no way to do this unless you know your wave file and you have the instrumental file and you do cross-inverting

    there is kind of a way if you cut the bass

    a really good dj program for this is virtual dj, i use it for all dj work, even professional

    i mean, you can hook up a $200 battle mixer, get 2 $20 time coded vynals, and now you have an entire dj set up

    if your really good with eqs u mite b able to cut vocals *almost*

    but, juz cutting the bass gets ride of the beat well in virtual dj

    its a great program, better than serato, cheaper, and hyped by its own community, just not famous cuz its not sold at guitarcenter and its relativly new

    but it has more features than any other program


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