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    No Video when importing AVI into Premiere Pro 2.0

    I downloaded a number of cartoon avi movies (legally) for my daughter and decided that I would make a DVD in Encore for her. The AVIs play fine in all my players (windows media, Nero player etc.), but when I import the asset into Premiere or Encore the AVI shows up as Audio only. I downloaded GSpot to check the file and it came up that the codec needed was a DivX codec but said it was installed (hence the media players ability to play both audio and video). At the time I did not have DivX installed so I downloaded the free player and then tried importing the asset again. Now the video shows up with no audio. I was able to take the file to a different computer (without DivX installed) and extracted the audio in Audition, saved it as an MP3 and then was able to combine the video and newly created MP3 into both Premiere and Encore to finish the project but I am perplexed as to why the asset is only being seen as Video (and audio before the installation of DivX) in Adobe applications. Any suggestions?

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    Hi JMX

    Most NLE's are not equipped to edit files that are compressed as DivX and won't recognise them. I run Vegas and it doesn't really like DivX clips either. The original concept of DivX was to be able to get enough compression and quality to enable a full movie to fit onto a standard CD (and most do) I don't think it was ever designed as a source file for editing.


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    You can convert it to DV or some other format using virtualdub (or a conversion app).
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    convert dvix file using mpeg streamclip

    Use: Mpeg Streamclip, high-quality, free video file converter

    Convert to non-divx .avi then edit away in Premiere and Encore

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    alright so i had the same problem for a while now with cs3 and just got an answer. hopefully it works for you guys.

    i downloaded the following xvid decoder:

    then i opened their AviC application. put both the settings to xvid, clicked on the "..." and chose the movie file that i wanted to import into premiere pro cs3. after clicking apply it gave me a msg saying something like fourCC has been changed.

    now import it to premiere and see if you have video.

    well i know this is probably a very unconventional approach to explaining fancy computer stuff...but i tried to keep it as basic as possible. just follow my instructions step by step and it should work for you

    please reply and tell me if it did. thanks

    major Tom

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    You are my hero.

    This worked exactly like you said it would. I had some video from one of those portable usb video cameras. All that would import was audio. Now I have audio and video.

    Thank you, Thank you.

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