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    Importing NTSC video

    Hi all,
    Another technical question I'm afraid, but I need to capture some NTSC tapes, but my VTR plays these back as NTSC 4.43 (NTSC but with PAL subcarrier) most monitors are quite happy with this but my GV ADVC300 will only accept NTSC 3.53 or PAL 4.43, other than get another VTR any suggestions ?

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    this is what i use

    but they are like 1200
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    What is your source format?
    What is your normal capture path?
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    Source format is just standard NTSC VHS tapes from the US.
    I'm capturing using an AG7330 deck (Pal, with NTSC playback) into a grass valley ADVC300(PAL/NTSC switchable) then into the avid system. Capture is fine except it's all in black and white ! The monitor output from the ADVC is in mono too, so the PC's not doing anything strange.


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    Are you sure that your ADVC300 is switched right (if it isn't auto-switching)? Are you sure that your AG7330 plays back NTSC as NTSC not NTSC 4.43? (Maybe there is an option for this as a switch or in its menu system?)
    Eric Adler (tonsofpcs) Chat at:
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