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    comparison several type of dvd ripper software:

    DVD is a popular video format.It has excellent quality ,so many people persue it.With sorts of video products came in,people wish to get a software that support dvd formats. DVD ripper meets the need.I have used several kinds of dvd ripper software and compared them in the following. I hope I can give some help to people who love dvds.

    Price: $35 size: 4.1MB
    The preview panel is small and it is not available to edit it.
    If you use the try version,It will pop up a widow of reminding you to rigiste time to time,that is boring.However,the conversion quality and speed is satifatied among the same type of software.

    Price: $35 size: 5.9MB
    This is a new one.I knowed it only a few days,but it has a frindly interface,so the operation is easy.It can edit your dvd's chapter,enable you to select the parts what you like. The quality and conversion speed is also excellent. But to pople use try version,there will be a watermark added in the file.

    Price: $35 size: 4.18MB
    This is a old brand,but not give me surpising.It is almost the same to Imtoo, and also unable to edit video and chip a picture.

    Price: $29.95 size:2.11MB
    I don't know why it place on the page 1 of google with the keyword of "dvd ripper".The interface is confusion,and the formats which you can converter is pity.Opertion
    is compex. I canít find advantages of this softwares except the cheap pirice.

    Price: $34.95 size 4MB
    using the try version just converter 50%.

    Price: $45 size: 4.78MB
    Basisly same to Moyea ,also a great one.Contain watermark in the try version

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    this may be the best first post ever......not only is it a well thought out comparison of tools that we may use, it is also not spam, not that i can see anyway.
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    dvd shrink is the one you will probubly need

    it can rip copyrighted ones, its free, and it shrinks it just enough so you can put it on a commercial dvd

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    I think all of the trial version is the same, because they are shareware, which need to buy, I'am a user of imtoo and Aimersoft, but except the watermark, I don't think they are too much difference, the "It can edit your dvd's chapter,enable you to select the parts what you like." also be done by imtoo.

    but I have to say both of them is good!


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