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    Link Buttons using Dreameaver

    Please can someone help me. I have designed a number of basic websites using Dreamweaver - and know how to set up a menu table consisting of a number of links to other pages.

    What I now want to find out how to do relates to the link buttons that you click on and (instead of it simply moving to another page) the link produces a drop down menu consisting of a number of linked options.

    Thanks for your help

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    Drop down navigation


    I believe you are at the earliest stages of building at world wide web and the question of yours seems to have answers lying way beyond your Dreamweaver knowledge and capabilities. But instead, I would humbly suggest you to look for ready-to-use solutions at, DYNAMICDRIVE, flash samples, a-list-apart artciles,'s drop down generator and the famous CSS drop down menus.

    I hope they make some help
    best regards;

    - kunter ilalan web designer
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