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    Streaming keeps stopping

    sorry im a real about about streaming and servers-
    long story short: i have a webcam and use Yawcam to run a page on my pc.
    i give someone my ip and they get a login page then they can view the web cam (dont know how this works - yawcam does it all with a java script)

    Anyway lately the streaming on their end just stops - they have to keep logging back in to get it going again.

    any ideas why?

    or better yet: what is a simple / reliable way for someone viewing my cam WITHOUT using some service on the net? (ie just connect directly to my pc and that's it)

    thanks for any tips

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    Sorry I can't help with Yawcam, I don't know anything about that software.

    It sort of depends on what your needs are. If you just want someone to be able to see your webcam, the easiest solution is to use something like MSN.
    Dave Owen


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