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    Which Scanners for Graphics?


    My name is Paul and I am representing .psd (Photoshop Solutions for Designers) - the magazine for graphics. We are planning to publish rewievs of scanners used by graphics (and those dedicated for them) for the test section in one of incoming issues of our magazine. So here is the research, I would like to ask you - graphic designers - what scanner would be your choice. I am counting on your cooperation.
    So far we have following scanners proposed:

    HP ScanJet 8300gp

    Canon 8600 F

    Epson V700 / 750 pro

    Please, post your propositions. If anyone of you feel that you could be able to make a short, good review (2000 characters) of particular model ( not those mentioned only ofcourse ), we will be pleased to hear from you and your review will be publicated in our 1/2008 magazine consumer tests.
    I am waiting for your posts and e-mail messages on
    We have to gather the materials for the article within 2 nearest weeks, so I will be grateful for any fast reply.

    Thank you in advance.

    Paul Rys
    .psd (Photoshop Solutions for Designers) Assistant

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    I am guessing you are talking about flatbed scanners only.....if i am mistaken please let me know. I can tell you why i would not use that HP one you have listed there, but we will not go into that. the other two are good at best. I however know that you are looking for other scanners, so let me put my choice in for the best.

    Microtek ScanMaker 1000XL Pro, is the best scanner i have ever used. it is what i have now and hopefully will have until better technology comes out.
    With an optical resolution of 3200 dpi and a massive scan bed of 12" x 17", the ScanMaker 1000XL is the highest-resolution tabloid-size flatbed scanner on the market today. And with DIGITAL ICE Technology and Microtek's ColoRescue, it's easy to correct damaged photos and restore faded color in photos and film.
    Manoni Productions
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