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    what do I need to edit Dvcpro50 in a PC?

    Hello to everyone from Spain, I please need some help with this matter

    I have material in DVCpro 50 on DVCpro tape. I want to edit this material but I donīt know how I need to upgrade the computer or buy a new one. The guy in Panasonic told me:

    1) I need to get first a capture card, now I have a regular pinnacle firewire card in the computer, can I work with this one?

    2) Then get the program, which program would be a good one for DVCpro50?

    3) Finally the computer. I have a PC with pentium 4 at 1.5 Ghz and 516 RAM. Would this be enought?

    Alternatively. If I had to spend a lor of cash in a editing sistem. I thought about transfering digitally the material to Mini Dv and edit that, I would accept the downgrade in quality as a final solution.
    But I found problemas with this too, I canīt do that transfering from a DVCpro 50 player to my Mini Dv camera with Rec in. Does anyone knows how to transter digitally to Mini Dv without going throug the computer?

    I know is many questions but i am in real mess with all this

    Best regards

    paco bech

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    Hi Paco

    If your camcorder doesn't accept DV or analogue inputs then you cannot transfer to MiniDV. Surely the player has a firewire output...most pro formats have a digital out to go directly into your computer.

    A standard firewire card is usually plenty to capture video and the choice is yours as far as an editor goes.... I'm sure you will get PLENTY of different opinions. I personally use Sony Vegas 7 but if your budget is tight, Vegas Moviemaker gives you the same features (just less tracks) for less than US$100 !!!!

    If you still have a problem with your pro tape, take it to a pro hire shop and they will more than likely be able to dump it onto minDV for you


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    thanks for yor answer. Nobady here can do that conversion digitally. My camara has a dv input and analog input, but the firewire output of the dvc50 player is dvcpro 50 and the camara donīt convert. I have bben checking in local companys around and nothing, thi is a small city, all they offer is an analog conversion.

    I have sony vegas on the computar, I will check rigt now if I can edit DVCpro50 whit that.

    So, yopu think I can capture and edit DVCpro50 with sony vegas and pentium4 at 1.5 Ghz and 516 RAM?

    thanks very much for your help


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