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    Adobe Premier Editing Help


    I am so glad I came across this site. It seems that you all offer great help.
    Anyhow, I was searching through the threads and I did not see anything on the topic that I am about to ask, so please forgive me if there is all ready something on it.
    My question is: How would I go about making something disappear out of my hand? I am using Adobe Premier Pro. I read the teleportation tutorial and I thought by using some of the methods in the tutorial, I could make an object disappear from my hand. I am relatively new at this, and I am in need of just a bit of guidance.
    I would greatly appreciate any and all advice/help. Thank you in advance for your response.


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    Hi John

    If you film the object alone on a green chromakey screen then you can key out the background and put it into your hand and, of course, make it vanish. It's a lot easier too if you have the object "resting" in the palm of your hand rather than being "gripped" then positioning is easier. You can then apply any FX to the object before it vanishes. (ie: let a sword in an actor's hand slowly dissolve away)

    If you simply want an object to disappear, then shoot the actor with the object, cut to a close up of the hand and object, then get someone to remove the object and then edit out the removal part...that simple!!

    If you give us more details of exactly what the scene is, we can be more specific


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    Hi Chris,

    Thank you for your response, I really appreciate it. Well, my buddies and I anre looking to shoot like a Miller Lite commercial and, in a scene, the bottle is supposed to disappear out of my hand. I don't think I am going to grip it, just the bottom part of the bottle resting in my hand. I was reading over the a teleportation effect tutorial and I thought that I may be able to do a similar effect with the bottle. Agian, thanks you for your help and response.


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    just like they said .. u can use chroma and keying it out ...a and then put the orginal footage and the croma one in after effect and key the color out and then satbilize or trackmotion the bottol in ur hand .... to make sure that the bottol is like real in ur hand not fake ..


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