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    Live Video upload speed

    I have done the setup FMS2 for Live Broadcast and made a website with Live Player. I will be doing this on Location. Camera pluged in to my PC, wireless Internet connection to my server.
    What Internet upload speed min. is needed to do a Live Broadcast to my Server ??

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    Depends on the compression. We test upload speed when onsite to see what it really is not what the provider says. If you are pushing 244k, you need that that plus 20% overhead and don't forget about other people locally that might grab some of your bandwidth. There are bandwidth calculators out there.

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    Thanks. Do you have a link for a good calculater

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    For this you must checkout your internet speed.. You can easily do this with the help of this site @ free of costs.. Then you can checkout the other downloading process..

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    The higher the upload speed is the higher will be the video quality you can push. So if you think about HD make sure you have at least 1MB upload speed. See a bandwidth calculator below:

    See me offline if you need more information about how to get started with your streaming channel. You may have a look at if you are looking for an HD broadcaster.

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