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    Transparency on GIF not showing up in photoshop?

    I use the Elliptical marque tool [circle] and then right click and select inverse and then press delete. The checkered background does not pop up though, it just turns white. How do I get the checkered background back so I can save it as a gif. so it will be transparent?

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    To get the checkered background you must be in RGB mode (Image > Mode).

    You must also be using an image that either:
    (1) was created with a transparent background, or
    (2) has an empty layer below the layer you are working on.

    If you still can't figure it out you might need to show us the file (you can upload it with your reply or give a URL).

    Failing that, please describe everything you can about the image: format, image mode, layers, etc.
    Dave Owen


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