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    New Stuff..don't Know How To Use

    Hey NamÉs Al...i Have Sony Minidv From Walmart......i Did Some Filming On My Buddy's Rig..i Went Home And Looked At The Tape. I Tried To Put It In My Computer But I Don't Have....... How Can I Convert The Tapes To Dvd.. What Kind Dvd Burner Cd And What Kind Of Plug So I Can Plug The Camcorder To The Computer... My Computer Is Dell... It Has Dvd Burner....(sorry If This Issues Has Been Posted..but I Don't Feel Like Looking All Pages) Thanks Guys...

    P.s. I Also Have No Experience With Dvd Burner I Will Try My Best Try Figure Out How To Convert The Dv To Dvd... Any Help I Would Appericate It!!

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    i would guess a firewire cable. (let us know the model number on the camera) and you will need conversion software. Windows movie maker may do it, i am really not too sure
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    the first thing to do is to trasfer your video to your computer. and than if you want to edit it, you can use video editing software, like adobe premiere, sony vegas, or anything else.

    if you have done to do that (include rendring to MPEG2 format), next you must burn that video to DVD cassette, in this step you can use DVD maker software like Nero or anything else...

    please correct me if wrong..

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    Hi there

    if the camera have a firewire output all u need to link the cable from the camera to the Computer firewire port ( if u don't have firewire in ur pc u will have to buy one) and then install any editing program like adobe preimer any version and press f5 and then play the video on ur camera and press record on the pc .... the video will captured ....

    but if ur camera DO not have a firewire output just RCA .. u will have to use a dvcam 11 or 45 or any camcorder ,,,, and link the two rca wires to the dvcam and recored it on tape and then capture it on pc ... by the way .. may be ur cvam not have a video input RCA u will need a RCA to Compnent adpter ...

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