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    Adobe Premier Hardware what to use ?

    Hi guys,
    and greetings from Dublin.

    Question ? I need to know what you would recommend for me as I want to branch into WEDDING VIDEOGRAPHY. What computer system spec do you suggest ?

    Do I get two hard drives ? What size ? etc etc

    I know there are many ways of skinning a cat but I do need help as it is a minefield out there.

    THANKS Doug in Dublin Ireland

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    Hi Doug

    If you are planning to use Premiere CS3 and capture High Definition then plan to get the very fastest machine you can. At least a dual core processor and as much ram as you can afford.
    A separate drive to capture you video onto is an essential anyway. Just make sure that you only use your 2nd drive for capture and defrag it on a regular basis.

    You may have to mention what camera you are using and which software and SD or HD ???


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    yeah, that software is require a computer with high end spec.

    if you are planning to use single core, mybe Sony vegas 5 is a better choice..

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    if u r going to video a wedding and money is important to u all u need is this:

    - m.b and processor AMD 3200+
    - Hdd Maxtor 7200 ps maybe 200gg and u can have an external 300gg
    - ram : 2 gg
    - vga 128 mbfx

    and thge other stuff and use adobe preimer cs2 .

    if u have aloot of money just say ..


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