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Thread: need help!

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    need help!

    how can i import video onto a computer with a sony ccd-trv308 ntsc camera.
    what cables do i need?

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    Hi Drewfever

    The TRV 308 is a Hi8 Analogue Camcorder so to get it onto a computer with any sort of success you are going to need a DV Bridge Convertor!!
    This allows you to feed the camera into the convertor box using the S-Video cable and a standard audio cable and it will produce Digital Video that is transferred to your computer via a Firewire cable (you also need a IEE 1394 Firewire Card in your Computer) The best units seem to be the Datavideo DAC200 which has full timebase correction. (Cost about $500)

    You can also buy a cheap USB style "DVD Maker/Convertor" for under $100 but the quality is very poor and the audio rarely stays in sync!!!

    Your other option is to buy a cheap DV camcorder on eBay which has analogue inputs and you can record directly to MiniDV tape or some even allow to to "pass thru" and capture directly.

    Hope this helps a bit



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