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    Camera Choice, Please Help

    I'm looking for entering photography. I've done plenty of video and sound, so here's the new field. I want to make sure I have the equiptment for the needs. I was thinking of entering with a Canon Digital Rebel XT and a Canon EOS Rebel T2, using the digital for most needs but the film for poster blowups and such. Any suggestions?

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    I prefer full manual controls with aperture priority exposure for candids.
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    What camera's would you suggest then? I mean, for the digital i would have the controls, just in photoshop. So, do I just need a more controlable film camera?

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    Changing after the fact is different than full control. If you overexpose the shot, it is overexposed. If you underexpose it, it is underexposed, you won't get detail back with photochopping.
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    The XT's a digital SLR, the T2's a film SLR. For that point alone which is your inclination?

    For manual controls, both has the capacity, question's whether you've got the patience.

    For size of blow-ups wise, you need light. Good and proper lighting at the point of making the shot to get a good one (hey, photography simply means 'light painting'!)

    The limited amt of pixels due to the SIZE of the CCD of the digital provides has its limits, but the SIZE of the piece of film (3X5 cm) has its days too.. Don't use film (as in projection film) to compare cos that's not print. Fact is at the end of the day these 2 cameras might lie in the wrong range for you to take a shot that can be blown up big time...

    Have fun with your decision making process. And if you have more parameters to think about and share so we can think along with you, please do so.
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    DO NOT count on photoshop to correct your photos. It can enhance but not correct. You need to take the pic correctly. Hope this helps. I would get what ever camera has 1. most controls that are manual and 2. the better lense
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    LoL, have fun with the decision making process? I hate the process, cuz I'm alwayz worried about what I chose but alwayz love it anywayz.

    But I got light, so, do you think this set up is great for web graphics, pamphlets, and small posters?

    Or do I need more megapixels for the digital or more *idk* for the film?

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    Again.. the question: How big is big? What size are your posters? Buy the biggest megapixel you can afford.

    Key to digital? Shoot in RAW.
    There's no bad camera, just a bad user
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    Camera Choice

    Always buy the best you can afford. For professional results you'll need a fully manual option as well as some decent program modes. It pays to consider the optics as well, pictures are not just about the camera but lenses have a huge impact on the quality and variety of photos you can take. Major brands such as Nikon and Canon are a good bet. Go to a decent camera dealership and you should get all the advice you need. Take your time and get it right!


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