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Thread: theft and loss

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    theft and loss

    Are there any tips on how to keep a handheld mike from being lost, by thievery or forgetfulness? My mom lives in a small retirement center, and the deaf old people want a mike they can hand around in meetings when someone speaks from the floor. The last one they had has vanished. Ideas will be gratefully appreciated.

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    keep a better watch? Use the cheap $20 behringers

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    i would suggest using cheap mics. you can also get some cable locks and weld a loop to the mic, then lock it to the amp.
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    I'm VERY familiar with your problem. I've had a few mics dissapear at church meetings. what usually happens is the meeting breaks up and nobody is designated to get the mic from the last person who had it, and that person just lays it down somewhere and poof! it grows legs. I assume you prefer a wireless mic. I would think some of the old folks there would jump at the chance to be the "official mic person." You could also keep the mic on a stand at the front of the room during the meetings so it would be obvious if it were "still out there" at the end of the meeting. Then the "official mic person" could lock it in an office or something.
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    Having a staff of the centre to be accountable for it is a pretty neat idea. And it need not even be a wireless (just disconnect the mic from the XLR/Phono jack). If the folks need it, they can request for it. But of course, I don't know if the staff would want that 'extra' little task.
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