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Thread: need help

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    need help

    l a m new on the game l a m teaching my self ,any l need advice on how
    to perfect my skills on editting and video camera

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    Hi Vusi

    Very simple!!
    Shoot plenty of video,ask lots of questions edit plenty of video and ask more questions. You will make lots of mistakes..learn by them by asking even more questions and practice, practice, practice.

    Seriously the more you do the more you learn...learning the theory doesn't make you a good techniques then put them into practice


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    Hi there

    i just wanred to tell u somthing ... u will never need anything to ask in the first 3 monthes all u need to read the help of the adobe premier...

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    thanks guys for the good advice.the softwares that l a m using are premiur(sp wrong) 1.5,photoshop cs5 do you think are they the right softwares to start with ?

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    I like vegas, but its all preference *other than the fact that vegas does have more capabilities in the box*.

    Premire is more widely used, and the sound editing in encore is dumbed down for if you don't know much about audio.

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    if you can afford it I would use Final Cut Pro or Avid. MUCH Better, and super upgradeable
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    Question you've gotta ask is:
    How serious are you in the video making field?

    How much are you prepared to spend?

    And are you doing it for a living?

    When you have the answers, you'll know what to buy/use. (or we'll be happy to assist you )
    There's no bad camera, just a bad user
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