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    how do u stop spammers from joining ur phpbb forum???

    GOD DAMN! mine got filled with spammers. Is there a mod for this that works?

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    I used to use PHPBB but I gave up because of security issues. I use vBulletin because it's a lot easier to keep clean. Even so, it's a daily task keeping the spammers from this forum. It doesn't work 100% - we have to delete at least a few spam messages pretty much every day.

    I don't know what to suggest except making sure you have email verification turned on and any security features enabled.

    Spammers are the scourge of forums, especially since they started employing drones from places like Nigeria to spam forums. In the old days when forum-spam was automated it was a lot easier, but now they are people just like your regular users it's basically impossible to automatically exclude them.

    One thing I do is permanently ban anyone who spams the forum. There is no warning, no recourse, and I never reply to their emails. Spam me and you're gone for good - end of story.
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    On my forums, I ask a simple 'math' question (well, it's a math question with an alternative answer if you read Douglas Adams), if they don't get it right (they can enter either the mathematical answer or the answer), it rejects them. Before I did this, I was getting about 10 spammers registering per day (a 20:1 spammer:user ratio, about), now I am getting none (a 0:2 spammer to user ratio so far). I am currently thinking about replacing that with a recaptcha though, as getting books converted is just cool.
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