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    Methods Used Only In Iraq In Editing

    Hi ,, i will try to give u some ways may be nevered passed to u cause it's used here in the lost world ,,,

    if u wanna to make a CG ,,, like appearing caption in live program ... all u need is

    1. DVCam 45 and a PC and a Video MIXER .

    for more information just ask

    Non-Linear Edtior Chief Dep.

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    i want to know what the hell you are talking about?
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    hi top dog

    i don't know why u replay like that .... but if there is something wrong in what i said .. just say the wrong thing ... and explain why .... thanks by the way even if u say it wrong .. it will be just opinion and i respect ur opinion..

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    Apologies, we're all from different countries and sometimes it can really be hard (and frustrating) understanding each other.

    I believe muhannad was trying to pass a tip around using some equipment to create some CG effects, and if anyone's interested, ask him.

    Yup that's it.
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    DSR-45 + PC + switcher = Keyed graphics? I want a personal video switcher that can handle luma key directly on a bus (heck, I want a personal DSR-11 or -25, yet alone a -45)
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