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    auto focus freaked out

    If anyone has any ideas why the following scenario happened, I'd love to know, because I'm stumped.

    I was recently recording a class room lecture with a Panasonic AG-DVC7 (arggghh) from about 25 feet behind the subject, moderate ambient light, camera in full auto.
    Not exactly an ideal setting for quality video, but thats what I had to work with and I couldn't stay with the camera during the full event.

    So about an hour into the record the auto focus decided to focus, it looked like it briefly tried to re-focus on what it had been focused on and then the focus went completely soft. Again I wasn't there to monitor it, but it looked like the lens went to the end of near focus and stopped. It stayed this way and didn't correct itself.

    I've reviewed the video several times and I didn't see any camera shake to indicate that someone manually focused it. No one walked in front of the camera and there wasn't much motion.

    The only motion that was taking place was the presenter was walking around a bit and walked to the far left hand side of the frame. Also in the center of the frame was a screen with the presenter's laptop being projected upon it. At this point in time it was a "flying stars" screen saver. When I heard about the problem, this was my first thought, but this screen saver had been up for around 3 minutes at this point.

    Any ideas other than manually focusing and leaving it in manual in the future (my current plan)?


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    Honestly, I would say NEVER use AUTO anything. Unless you are in a quick once in a lifetime shot condition, still don't use auto focus. How ever the auto focus can be thrown off bt about anything that the lens picks up, even a floating piece of lint.
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    Quote: jeffmac
    Any ideas other than manually focusing and leaving it in manual in the future (my current plan)?
    Your current plan is the best one. You have discovered one of the reasons auto-focus is a dangerous thing. Learn to love manual functions
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