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    Animated GIF (again)

    Ok, I made a banner ad in Pshop and I now want to place/embed an animated gif in it, which I made in ImageReady. First off, I am unable to save anything as an animated gif...not sure why. Is this project even possible to acheive in Pshop or must I re-make the ad in Flash or something else? Is it possible to place an animated gif in Pshop and if so, how do I do it? I don't want to do a whole web page, just a banner ad. thanks.

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    You can't save an animated GIF directly, by selecting File, Save As ...

    What you need to do, is select File, Save for Web & Devices ... (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S (Windows) or Cmd+Opt+Shift+S (Mac).

    That will pop open the dialog with your GIF options, including colour table, etc. You will also see, at the bottom right, an option to loop once or loop forever, plus a control bar to preview the result.


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