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    DVCPRO deck control setup/software

    Hello everyone,

    I need a setup that will allow me to automatically control a professional DVCPRO deck so that it cues and plays a tape at preprogrammed times. I know it would most likely involve a PC and software with 9-pin deck control, but can anyone recommend a specific software and/or setup? Preliminary google searches by myself didn't help. Thanks!

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    Most decks have RS-422 control if they have 9pin control, most PCs have RS-232C (or compatible) serial ports. Be sure that either your deck has an RS232 port and not an RS422 port or that you have a converter (you can buy RS-232 to RS422 converters).

    nce that's done, the RS422 control specifications for decks are pretty much standard, you can either make up a program that controls a deck or search for a free command-line one and set a scheduled event in your operating system to run it with the proper options.
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