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Thread: Nikon D200

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    Some helpful Nikon sites

    Hi, as promised I've gotten the sites:
    For the D200 specific

    It may not be the most creative site, but I think it's helpful specific to the camera.

    BTW it's abt time Nikon unleashed their first full-frame (they term it FX) camera. the D3... it's super fast... whether ISO or shutter (a seasoned photographer-friend gave a light tap on continuous shutter mode and he found it hard to shoot a single frame with the lightest touch!) and it's really sharp!
    There's no bad camera, just a bad user
    Loong . Singapore

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    D200 tips

    Hi Beerbelly, I bought a D200 6 months ago and it is a great camera. I can only suggest trying different modes and comparing the results. Program mode is fine, but you are not in control so you can't predict the outcome. Professional looking photos tend to use selective depth of field as one way of creating a more artistic picture. Minimize your depth of field by selecting aperture priority and then the widest possible aperture, then make sure you are focussed on the part of the picture you wish to be sharp and the background / foreground should be out of focus. It also helps to use a long focal length lens (zoom in if a zoom lens). Take the same photo at different apertures and compare the result - you'll see the difference and soon get the hang of it.

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