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    Looking for like minded video producers...

    Hey there,

    New to the forum (signed up just a few minutes ago). It looks fantastic but is i can't believe how underused it seems to be - ie small number of replies etc.

    I'm just wondering if anyone else who subscribes is in a parallel position to me - or at least uses the same technology and tries to achieve the same things.

    I work for a - shall we say - large broadcasting corporation in England. I'm a Video Journalist for television news so basically i'm a journalist by trade who has been trained to use a Sony PD-150 to shoot and Pinnacle Liquid Edition 5.5 / Quantel to edit on. I make 2 - 3 minute feature news pieces (sometimes hard news / sometimes soft) shooting, editing, narrating and producing myself.

    I'm wondering if anyone else who uses the forum might be up for sharing creative production ideas etc???

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    Hi vidjourno,

    Welcome to the forums and thanks for your comments.

    There are plenty of people coming and looking at these forums but we're still in that awkward position where people are reluctant to get involved if they can't see a lot of activity. This website currently gets around 4000 unique visits per day (and climbing fast) so there's no shortage of possible contributors. What we really need is for a few regulars to keep posting even if they don't get a lot of replies immediately. That way the ball will get rolling a bit more. We're confident that it will happen - we've just got to be patient.

    Regarding your enquiry, it sounds like a great idea. I'm sure there are other video journos here (or at least *aspiring* video journos). Please feel free to post any ideas or questions. Personally, I'm hoping to restart a project in my hometown in which we shoot a few stories each month and make them available on the internet. The stories won't exactly be high-powered but it's still video journalism. I'd be keen to discuss our progress and share ideas with others.
    Dave Owen

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    I'm just starting out doing this stuff. Any tips from the pros would be good.

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    Just a reply

    I work for a well of station in Lubbock Texas that strives to stay on top. Our town is only about 250,000 peeps, but alot of stuff happens here at times with regional, national, or even international significance. I strive to beat our own photog's to the story when I am not working. I do not work in the news department and do not have a conflict of interest. I try to do investigative journalism and turn it to a feature length documentary. I just recently started doing this and am a little behind but am working on an interesting story of International significance. I would like to finish my project but am looking for a position anywhere in the world including hazardous conditions where I could be like an imbeded journalist. I have experiance editing on laptops and have a large technical background to send my video with out the use of sat trucks. I feel like I could be valuable so keep your ears peeled.



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