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    Problem with text in gif - ImageReady

    Hi all First of all, I'm new to this forum, so go easy on me hehe.

    About my problem: I'm doing this 50x50 gif in ImageReady and I'm doing the whole thing with different text in each frame. I'm beyond frustrated now though, because no matter what I do, I get an transparent background with the text in all the frames, even though I want it to have a black background.

    Basically, each time I press 'Make Frames From Layers' the text frames comes with a transparent background. I'm posting a pic, so hopefully you'll know what I mean and know how to help me.

    I would REALLY appreciate your help!

    Is there anything I need to enable or disable?

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    The text layers will always be transparent - that's just how text layers work. You need to make the black background separately which is what you've done already. Just turn the visibility on for the background layer (click the eye icon) and you should be good to go.

    I hope I interpreted your problem correctly. If not, correct me
    Dave Owen

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    From what I see, your background is turned off at frame 2. Of course, if you use the command 'Make Frames From Layers', it makes frame out of each layer and layer only. Background is also a layer. If you have not many frames, just go one by one and turn on the "eye" for background in the layers window (answering your question if you need to enable or disable anything).
    I, frankly, almost never use commands like 'Make Frames From Layers' or 'Make Frames From files' - it may cause unpredictable results.
    Please, ask if you have more questions.


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