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    How do I make a Transparent GIF for layering over a photo?


    I need instructions on making a transparent GIF that can be layered over a photo, for the purpose of photo protection. (Yes, I know if a pic is posted on the Web it can be taken, but it's to help prevent easy theft.)

    The tutorials I keep seeing for transparent GIFs are geared toward making the backgrounds of images transparent so that it (the background) disappears when placed on a web page or document, etc.

    I'm sure the two processes are similar, but I need help with creating a transparent GIF for the purpose of using it as a 'shield', if you will.

    Thank you SO much for your help!

    N.B. I have ArcSoft Photo Studio 5.0 and MS Paint. The thing is, I see how so save an image in GIF format with Paint, but not with Photo Studio -- that option doesn't appear in the "Save As" box. (Although I see PNG -?)

    I also have been trying to install Paint Shop Pro Photo XI, but the installation is hanging due to a conflict with my NVIDIA driver. I'm working to resolve the problem, so if you can give instructions using it, that would be okay, too.

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    Anybody? Dave? lol Also, I did get Paint Shop Pro Photo XI installed, if that helps.


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