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    how do i make videos like this part 2

    can somebody tell me how to make videos like this

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    Very simple..shoot the singer on green screen and then add the background in post-edit. That way the talent is on his own video track with a keyed out background so you can basically move him against any background you choose (even a still image)
    Just make sure that your editor supports Chromakey and you light the green background evenly!!


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    I am still an ameature, however I could duplicate that video using a simple camera and adobe premiere. if the camera is on a tripod, and doesnt move, get a shot of the room while its empty. then the singer goes into the room, and is filmed. in post edit, you overlap a shot of the singer getting ready to sing, using an opacity fadein timeline two while showing the empty room video in timeline one. you can make the singer appear translucent, as he does in the ending, by changing opacity. you can have shots of him standing in seperate parts of the room, and then add him in a different spot in timeline 3, making it appear to be two of him. or make him fade from one spot in the room to another. when you change rooms or camera angles, get another shot of the empty room. if you bump the camera you have to start that entire sequence over. if you notice shadows in the room, you can tell it was not greenscreened

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    Yes Allen, that will work as well... just take note of your lighting, especially if you cannot control the light (eg natural light from the window)
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