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Thread: WJ 5600 Mixer

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    WJ 5600 Mixer

    Here is the problem!? aquired a Pan WJ5600 commercial mixer that i am going to use. I have 3 cameras that have Genlock and 3 that are not genlocked! Does anyone know how this can be done!(church) already installed tv dist in church not just need to get this Mixer working!
    Thanks for the help? anyone
    Ed Mullins

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    You can run the non-syncable sources through TBCs to use. If you can't get 3, you could use one tbc and an a/b/c switch (worst case) and switch between them going into the tbc when they are not live, otherwise you could use two tbcs and an a/b/c on each so that you can switch between the two cameras by punching them into the tbc that isn't live before taking it.
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