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    Rewiring snake XLR to Balanced Mono

    I have purchased a snake with all XLR channels, but need to change some of the channels to balanced 1/4" jacks and plugs to match certain inputs on my board (and instruments with 1/4" outputs). Upon disconnecting the terminals, I appear to actually have four wires in the channel. I was expecting three. Is this fourth wire an independent ground? If so, where does it need to go in my new jack? I have Neutrik NJ3FP6C jacks with solder terminals labeled as ring (3:00 position) tip (6:00 position) and "GROUND" (9:00) position. Is Ground the same as sleeve?

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    I'm guessing you have two wires per hot connection and a separate common shield. Some higher-quality leads/snakes use two wires for each connection as a safety measure (and slight performance increase).

    Can you tell us where the wires are currently connected to on the XLRs? This would help clarify the situation.
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