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    Indoor, Outdoor acoustics?

    Any help guys???

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    whats your question?

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    I'm answering this out of fun and bordom. Inside sound bounces off walls and floors and ceilings, outside it bounces off streets, buildings, sky. I can't believe I answered this. Forgive me!
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    i hope you dont expect us to answer this question .

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    i hope u dont expect ME to answer this

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    as pennies said. Unless you have a more specific question, i doubt if you get a more specific answer.
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    They are two different games, if that's what you mean. Inside you jave to worry about reflections and feedback and comb filtering and all sorts of fun stuff like that, outside you need to fight to get enough headroom in your system and you may need to deal with delay stacks to fill in (in larger out dorr events)


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