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    Shotgun Mic for VX2100

    Can someone tell me a good but moderately priced shotgun mic for my VX2100? I will be doing outdoor videos. Thanks!

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    If you want value for money and a professional mike then you cannot overlook RODE ..they are no expensive and give a really professional performance and has a built-in shock mount.


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    best mike

    I too, would recommend the Rode NTG 2 Shotgun Mike. It seems to be the Industry Standard. I have one for my Sony HVR Z1E and the quality is outstanding. I may be wrong but I think they retail at around the
    200.00p. mark. Well worth the investment. I also use Rode mikes for my recording studio.

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    I bought myself a Rode NTG-2 a few weeks ago to go with my Sony HVR-Z1P. I'm happy with the sound quality, it seems to be a good general purpose shotty.

    The only problem I had was a noticable hiss when using phantom power. It's fine on battery, I assume the problem is related to the difference in impedence between phantom and battery. I haven't investigated properly yet, I've been using a battery but I should sort it out really. Anyone got any ideas?

    Otherwise a fine mic. The folks at the Rode shop here in New Zealand were very good to deal with, and and when it arrived there were two chocolates in the box. Nice
    Dave Owen


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